Best Career Options Available For a BCA Student in India

Best BCA colleges in Greater Noida: BCA, i.e., Bachelors of computer application, is a three-year undergraduate course that provides knowledge of the concept of basic computer application, software development, and the whole world of computers. The degree course from the best BCA colleges allows stepping into the IT sector and is one of the most popular programs that are done by the aspirants of technology, digitalization, and machine spheres.

The course covers networking, programming languages, and much more. Students can get into the best BCA colleges in Greater Noida after completing their 12th with at least 50 percent marks. After completing this degree course, you can go into various career streams.

Career options after the BCA course

Many career options are available for students after obtaining a degree from the best BCA colleges in Greater Noida. Graduates can choose one of them to make a bright future:

Get an MBA degree

Many aspirants get an MBA after a BCA degree, as getting it will offer a lucrative career path. If you get an MBA degree  and want to continue in the IT field, then you can choose from many job roles like you can work as and 

  • Management consultant
  • Investment banker
  • Project manager
  • Business Consultant 
  • Marketing Manager

Data scientist

Nowadays, data science is among the fastest moving career and companies, and this field has countless implications across all industries, especially consumer-driven sectors. A data science course consists of programming, data visualizations, natural learning processing, and machine language. The best course after BCA is data science, which is best for those inclined toward numbers and statistics. After completing the course, you can work as a data scientist, which is one of the high-paying jobs/

Digital marketer

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing sectors as businesses have realized its importance of the same. They need the expertise of digital marketers to take their business online and promote their services and products. After completing a degree course from the best BCA college, you can pursue digital marketing courses that help you learn many things like SEO, content marketing, SEM, etc., and you can get many top job roles like 

  • SEO analysts
  • Social media expert
  • Content manager
  • Digital marketer manager
  • UX/UI Designer

Product management

With a BCA degree, graduates can learn about product management to become product managers. Their job is to be in charge of the entire product life cycle, i.e., from ideation and planning to marketing and customer service. After learning product management, many companies will recruit you to help them create and release products per customers’ needs. 

Blockchain industry

With a degree from the Best BCA colleges in Greater Noida, graduates can work in the block chain industry, one of the most promising sectors. With a degree in hand, you can work as a block chain developer, which is highly lucrative owing to the demand for this new technology. 

Cyber security expert

With a BCA degree, graduates can work as a cyber security experts. Online podiums are very susceptible to online experts; thus, companies with sensitive adapts employ the experts, and their demand is too high. To become a cyber security expert, you can pursue many courses, but you are only eligible if you have a BCA degree from the best BCA colleges.

Bank operations

With a BCA degree, graduates can also pursue banking jobs. Due to the digitalization of the banking sector, many jobs are available. As a BCA graduate, you acquire skills that make you an expert to grow. For private bank jobs, you can directly go for an interview along with your BCA degree from the best BCA colleges in Greater Noida. You must clear an entrance examination for government bank jobs, followed by an interview.

A person who completes their BCA from a recognized university or college like Delhi Technical campus will secure a career in the stream. DTC offers a three-year BCA course to students interested in making their careers in the same InfoTech field. The course from DTC, one of the best BCA colleges in Greater Noida, offers a strong foundation in learning computer skills. Students are exposed to many areas of computer applications, including the latest developments.

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